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At this academy, the instructors are 100% committed to providing the highest quality flight training. We guarantee a supportive and friendly environment with a motivating professional team.

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Basic maintenance

Management solutions. Full management of maintenance, leasing and exchange.

Engine, APU & LG

Lean based process towards more effective TAT for A320 family and B737 CL/NG.

Engineering & design

Additional engineering course for aircraft designers with airworthiness management.

Line maintenance

Available are lines & station network in Europe, Africa, Russia & CIS, Asia.

Parts & materials

Standing for excellence, we take a great care of the equipment and parts.

Asset management

Technical asset management for lessors. Boeing 737 CL/NG, Airbus 320 family. Upcoming Boeing 757.

Technical training

You can sign up for a practical or an online training course EASA part 147.

Cleaning & fueling

We supervise and provide fuel availability, duties, airport fees and taxes.

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